A mi deme un aguardiente, un aguardiente de caña.

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cloudy afternoon

by matialonsor

You’ll need them, your boat is at sea, your anchor is up, you’ve been swept away, and the greatest of teachers won’t hesitate to leave you there, by yourself, CHAINED TO FATE.

Do you wanna know the result of incessant heavy confusion about my life?, well, besides sit down here and complaining about it, listen endlessly music from the 90’s and early 00’s. Great way to fix troubles.


near the trees

by matialonsor

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Spiral & Spin & Multiply & Clone & Cluster & Repeat, Until Nothing Is Left, Nothing Is There, & There’s Nothing For Nothing To Eat

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I guess that in order to succeed, you have to burn.

Edward Hopper - Morning Sun


Luo Changwei - Da Qin Island (2012)

"Da Qin Island was first set up by Chinese officials in 1924 as a colony to separate leprosy patients from the general population, but in 2011, the last 40 patients were transferred back to rehabilitation facilities in mainland China.

Before the move, Changwei traveled to the isolated island for several months to document the patients and their way of life.

The images reveal a marginalized group still coping with life on the outside. Da Qin Island was, and perhaps still is, a place frozen in time and hidden from most of the world, yet Changwei’s narrative also includes the beauty of the locale, albeit one whose wondrous beaches act more as a barrier than a place to bask in the sun.”


Pristine skies

I’m like a phone with no connection.

The dialogue part has some serious deep meaning.

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